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BenQ EX3501R 35" VA Curved FreeSync HDR Gaming Monitor

03 Dec 2018 : 14:25 Comments: 0 Views: 
BenQ EX3501R.jpg
Posted by Zoxon

Monumental Screen Size with Awe-Inspiring Curvature Far surpassing mere mainstream monitors, EX3501R’s 35” presence instantly captures your attention and fills your field of vision with 1800R curvature, the ideally immersive curve ratio for its size. Featuring the leading HDR technology in a video enjoyment monitor, EX3501R offers enhanced brightness and contrast and brings incredible details and vividity to HDR video content. EX3501R brings HDR together with Brightness Intelligence Plus to gently soften bright areas while keeping dark details crystal clear even in dimly lit environments. By combining HDR with B.I.+ Mode, the details are brilliantly visible even in dark environments while your eyes are protected during gaming or video streaming.

BenQ EX3501R 35WQHD.jpg

The EX3501R goes beyond casual entertainment and adds a 35” 1800R curved ultra-wide screen with vertical alignment (VA) technology and 3440x1440 resolution. Speed-wise, it tops all the HDR monitors we’ve looked at thus far, including BenQ's EW3270U and EW277HDR. And the aspect ratio screams gaming all the way. While 100Hz isn’t the fastest ultra-wide we’ve seen, 100 frames per second (fps) shouldn’t be too hard to achieve at this monitor’s native resolution. HDR10 is the most common form of HDR so far, and this monitor supports it. The panel is 8-bits native, so some content may show banding. 10-bit color is a better choice for HDR, though gaming at that depth will exact a serious toll on performance. By moving 25% fewer pixels than an Ultra HD display, the EX3501R can boast some decent framerates. And if you have a fast enough video card, you can easily reach 100fps. FreeSync is offered from 48-100Hz, which eliminates the possibility of low framerate compensation, but most cards from the mid-range and up should be able to keep the action above that lower limit. The EX3501R also offers extended color, meaning it goes beyond the standard RGB (sRGB) spectrum. Though it won’t quite reach the 90% P3 level, which produces a wider color range than sRGB, of other HDR screens, it still goes beyond sRGB - up to about 80% of P3 by our measurements. How much does that matter? If you’re watching Ultra HD Blu-rays (the best way to enjoy HDR right now) the EX3501R will deliver most of that extra color and look more saturated than an sRGB monitor. However, gamers may want to consider that HDR titles are quite rare still. And games with color beyond sRGB are vaporware at present.

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BenQ EX3501R 35" VA Curved FreeSync HDR Gaming Monitor

Featuring excellent HDR technology, single-cable USB-C™ connectivity, and environment-adaptive Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology, EX3501R delivers wondrous personal entertainment.

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